Sunday, February 8, 2015

Spring Tonic Starts with Greens

~ garlic sprouting ~
 Spring garden therapy has started early this year with the early blooms & early shoots. The rains that are keeping us inside are warm & keeping the temperatures well above freezing.

I planted my garlic late last year - it was probably sometime in the first week of November & I placed a large sheet of plastic over top the entire bed to keep some of the winter rains off & to also keep the soil temperature from freezing too hard - not that that has been an issue this winter.

~ rhubarb sprouting ~
I cleaned out some of the weeds from the rhubarb patches & applied some fresh kitchen scrapes. I will no doubt be putting buckets & totes over top the plants within the next few weeks to help bring on some early tender shoots.

I am looking forward to trying some new spring tonic drinks with rhubarb, lemon, cranberry & sparkling water... maybe in time for Easter!
~ chives sprouting ~

The chives are also sending up young tender shoots & it is so nice to not have the deer eat them down before I get a chance to use them in fresh salads. I have some salmon fillets in the freezer that would be oh-so-lovely with butter & chives on top...

There are lots of greens popping up in the gardens & it's getting close to the time where we can start seeding some early lettuce, peas & cool weather crops.

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