Friday, February 20, 2015

In Preparation of an Early Harvest

~ rhubarb & compost ~
 I've decided not to wait any more. I am looking forward to the fresh, crisp, tart taste of the season's first harvest of rhubarb.

In preparation, I applied a bucket of fresh kitchen scrapes around the weeded crowns about a week & a half ago. This is generally the only time I apply fresh kitchen scrapes out in the gardens as I don't want to encourage rats or raccoons...

Today I noticed the stalks were growing quickly & found a bucket for the smaller plant in behind.

The larger plant I covered up with a tote.

The stalks will now reduce the amount of energy they put towards their leaves & send it into growing the stalks taller - looking for light.

On nice days, I'll haul off the covers & make sure they have sufficient water. But for the most part, I'll let them be for a few weeks, or until the stalks are too tall for their covers. I'll harvest sparingly at first - usually only 1 stalk per crown - just for the season's first taste. Once the growth really comes on with the warmer weather & longer days, I'll remove the covers & harvest heavily for a few months.

Gotta love West Coast Spring!

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