Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Returning to the Things I Love

 It has been some months since I've posted anything related to gardening - it has actually been many months since I've even thought about my gardens... the Paths in my Gardens underwent massive upheaval last year & I am currently still clearing away the debris & laying the ground work for new Paths & new Gardens.

At this time of year, I'm always on the look out for those 'first signs' of spring. In my neighbourhood, the yellow crocus are the first signs & have traditionally begun showing off on February 1st. This will be the 2nd year in a row that they have decided to appear a week early.

The weather here on the coast has been mild - very mild & we don't seem to have had much of a winter season. I'm not complaining!!

 There are a few insects showing up as well & very soon the bees will be buzzing around, looking for those early blooming plants.

I've returned to my daily inspections of the gardens, which somehow survived many months of neglect, and can feel my enthusiasm returning.

I'm headed out to a Seedy Saturday Event on the 7th to pick up some seeds & other early season essentials (gloves!!) & am looking forward to feeling the enthusiasm of fellow gardeners around me.

 Hope winter doesn't have you buried too deep - I know it's early still & the coast could still be nailed with some nasty weather. But sunshine on crocus blooms certainly feels good!