Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saving Seeds for Next Season

Well, I'm a bit behind in my garden chores as well as my writing. The weather has either been too stormy for gardening, or too pleasant for writing or the internet has slowed to the speed of a glacier, which makes sharing a bit difficult...

So, I shall play 'catch-up' as best I can!

~ runner bean seeds ~
I finally hauled down my runner bean trellis systems (beans still don't like growing on or near plastic piping - new solution required yet again for next year), after they were wind blown & tossed around by some wonderful October storms.

The beans I harvested were ripe with seeds - seeds I want to save for next year's planting.

As you can see, they have amazing colours!! Someone asked me if they might make good additions to their jewelery creations once they dried... I will have to wait & see what they will finally look like once they are dried.

~ runner bean seeds ~
I've never dried my own bean seeds before & hope that my system of just lying them out on a cookie sheet, on top of my freezer, down in the laundry room where it is cool, will work!

I suppose I should go & inspect them now that I think about it! Wonder if there are more beans out there in the garden... just in case...

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