Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mushrooms Still Putting on a Show

 Foraging for wild mushrooms is an interesting hobby that many people here on the Coast enjoy. Some are extremely avid about it & devote many (if not all) of their free time during prime season to gathering enough to last through the winter months. Others, such as myself, have a few favorites & will consider themselves lucky to 'stumble' across them when out for walks or hikes through the soggy woods in the Autumn.

Today, I went on such a hike & unfortunately forgot my camera...

These mushrooms are growing in my yard - no doubt a simple 'sulfur cap' - an inedible variety, but pretty to look at. Maybe the ducks know that they can't eat them because there are quite a few growing on the edge of my flower bed!

~ Bolete ~
But today I did manage to stumble upon a Bolete! Last year I found a patch growing just steps from my house & 2 of them were well over 2 pounds each. This year, they did not return to the same area. Today's little morsel was just enough to give me a taste & remind me that I should go out with a bag when taking a walk through the woods... there are still lots of mushrooms out there!! Always research your mushrooms & learn some of the key identifying aspects of what grows in your neighbourhood. I have an excellent book - it's about 3 inches thick, so not really a field guide... But there are about 4 or 5 that I'm confident on identifying & will pick when I see them. I do always verify with my book once I make it back to the house...

I hope to find some more treasures out in the woods the next time I go for a walk!

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