Tuesday, November 11, 2014

End of Season for Duck Dynasty

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Well, it's time to admit to everyone - we've harvested our darling little ducks. They are waiting for us to pick them up in a friend's freezer after being crated up & taken to the butcher. 

It's hard having 4 boy ducks. The plan was to have some girl ducks so that there would be eggs to eat & they would in turn be the bug, slug & weed eaters of the yard. Interesting how Mother Nature throws a good wrench into the plans.

They lived a good & spoilt life - full of peas & other stolen garden greens & treats. They had lots of admirers stop along the road & talk to the them through the fence. Many times the ducks would run along the perimeter of the fence, trying to keep up with those on the road, just so they could have a few more moments of their attention.

Who knows what next year might bring. More ducks? Maybe just meat birds (a short growing season of only 12 weeks), or maybe some pre-sexed ducklings so that a set number of egg layers is brought in for longer term... who knows what next year might bring...

But Christmas dinner will be rather special this year: brined & smoked duck, slow roasted in the oven with homemade marmalade & homegrown veggies!! That will be a special dinner indeed.

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