Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Mushroom Kind of Day in the Forest

~ sulphur cap ~
 Went for another wander through the forest, as I knew there was an abundant amount of mushrooms still out there. I was hoping to be able to harvest some winter Chanterelles for dinner as I had seen quite a few on my previous walk.

~ sulphur cap ~
There was an over-abundance of sulphur cap mushrooms - growing in colonies all over the place - small ones - huge ones - ones that looked edible until you came right up close - ones that even the slugs wouldn't touch...

~ glow-in-the-dark ~
There were even some glow-in-the-dark mushrooms growing out of a tree branch!! Pretty to look at & admire in the murky shade of the forest...

~ day's harvest of winter Chanterelles ~
Eventually we did manage to start spotting the winter Chanterelles & managed to also find a small bolete (my favorite!).

There was just enough to fry up in a pan with some butter & a dash of salt to make mushroom gravy to go along with the evening's meal of beef & lamb meatloaf.

Hopefully there will be a few left the next time we head out for a hike through the forest. Always remember to bring a paper bag with you because you never know what sort of edible treats you'll find!!

(* note: if you don't know your mushrooms - don't pick them - either bring someone who does, or buy a good field guide & do some research before going out!! *)

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