Friday, October 24, 2014

Green Thumb vs Green Fingers

 I'm doing a bit of reading this week while away from the gardens & came across this short piece that I thought I'd share with you.

"A person with a 'green thumb' of course has a natural talent for gardening. However, the origin of the phrase is hard to pin down.

In Britain, the idiom for such a person was one with 'green fingers'. Some believe the name originated with King Edward I, who had a great passion for gardening. According to legend, the king enjoyed fresh green peas so much that he engaged several serfs to keep him supplied. The serf who had the 'greenest fingers' from many hours of shelling was always given a prize.

In the United States, the phrase 'green thumb' seems to date to colonial times, when tobacco provided a major cash crop for early Americans. Farmers handpicked the flowers from the crops to increase the size & weight of tobacco, using their thumbnails to simply cut the stem, which after some time could turn their thumbs green."
 (found in my current reading material: The World's Most Fascinating Flora - the Big, Bad Book of Botany by Michael Largo)

Thought I would share that with you - in case you've ever stumbled across either or expression. I'm going to delve more into this book to see if there are other interesting tidbits or facts - gardening related or otherwise...

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