Friday, October 3, 2014

First Harvest of Winter Squash

~ winter squash ~
Well, I seem to have misplaced the package of seeds that this particular squash came from, so I'm not able to share with you the variety!

That's sort of been the theme for my gardens this year... But the squash plants most certainly enjoyed growing in the pig manure that was applied to the bed last year!! The vines were growing all through the yard & into the neigbhouring bed & up the fence installed for the marionberry plants I got this spring.

Here's a tip: grow your squash vertical! You might need to support the veggies once they set & get growing so they don't rip off the vine or pull down your support structure, but it is such a space saver & keeps the squash out of the way of slugs & bugs (& ducks) & prevents rot spots.

I've got a few more out there & will stagger my harvesting - just in case they will grow a little bit more if this wonderful Autumn weather (sunshine & heat) continues...  Can't wait for roasted squash this winter!

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