Friday, October 10, 2014

Alternative Processing of the Harvest - Part 3.1 & 3.2

~ lox with sugar & lime ~
 Wednesday night I removed my sockeye lox from the fridge, unwrapped & removed the salt/sugar crust & rinsed it off. I put the fillets back into the fridge for the night after a small sample - which was really salty!

The next morning I sprinkled the fillets with sugar & grated lime & the juice from the lime in the hopes that this would add some interest flavour & help reduce the salt (did I mention it was really salty??)

~ lox vac sealed ~
After work on Thursday I came home & vacuum sealed the fillets (cutting them into smaller portion sizes) & I put them in the freezer with the rest of the salmon.

I have the whole winter to become creative with my salty cured fish...

~ tomatoes, cream cheese, spinach, lox & balsamic vinegar ~
 Thursday night's dinner was spur of the moment - sliced tomatoes with cream cheese, spinach & lox & then a drizzle of balsamic vinegar... ooo - heavenly!!

~ lox sushi ~
Tonight's dinner was a bit more time consuming. I was craving some fresh made sushi & thought that the blended flavors of wasabi & the lox & fresh veggies would help tame that salty bite.

~ lox sushi ~
Of course, I didn't have the proper sushi rice (Jasmine works just fine with sushi seasoning!) & I've misplaced my sushi roller (a towel &/or saran wrap works just as well!)

A very simple meal of avocado, yellow pepper, greens, wasabi mayo & sockeye lox rolled in seasoned rice with a gluten free tamari soy alternative sauce & chilled white wine...

Happy taste buds & happy tummy & I think solitary dinners like this are going to be much more frequent since it takes very little time or effort to whip up!
~ lox sushi with tamari & white wine ~
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! 
Traditional turkey dinners or West Coast Seafood dinners such as this!! 
Enjoy your food - Celebrate your Family & Friends & Keep Growing & Experimenting!

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