Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Alternative Processing of the Harvest - part 2

~ slow boil ~
I stumbled across home made molasses last year by complete accident. I had several batches of salal jelly that refused to set, so I emptied all the jars into a pot & slow boiled it until I reached the jelly stage (a more traditional method of making jams & jellies - one I don't use too often because I'm not that patient...)

The end result was a very thick & syrupy dark jelly that tasted very much like molasses!! Was amazing & disappeared pretty quick as gifts to friends & family.

This year I recreated the product on purpose but used blackberry, loganberry & a currant jam - all which had not set well or I wasn't satisfied with the end result the first time around. I did throw in some salal juice. The pot was very full...

After about 4 hours of slow boiling & stirring on occasion, I was rewarded with 9 jars of heavenly fruit molasses! It can be used in baking - just like regular molasses, it can be used in bbq sauces or marinates for meat, you can eat it just like jam if you really want... a deep smoky flavor is brought in by the use of black cardamom & allspice & juniper berries. There is a tartness from the loganberries & the salal & blackberries blend very well together.

I can't wait to hear what others use this for - I'm going to be experimenting with a couple jars myself this winter & hope to have a few suggestions for next year!

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