Monday, October 6, 2014

Alternative Processing of the Harvest - part 1

~ smoked coho ~
 I'm still working on processing food for the coming winter months. One of my staples this year will be the fish I caught just outside the harbor our little community resides in.

Today I hot smoked some coho caught earlier this summer. I filleted the fish, cut them into manageable chunks & last night put them in a brine: salt, sugar (I used white this time), water & some other seasonings (tamari & Chinese pepper).

The amounts of my brine always vary - never the same product, which makes it interesting - I'd rather not get bored with my food! This time, I used a little bit more sugar than I would normally use & the end product is definitely sweeter than previous batches. I quite like it.

I brined the fish over night in the fridge & early this morning I drained & rinsed them off. After sitting on the smoker racks with a fan blowing on them for a few hours, I put them in the little smoker with hickory chips for about 2 1/2 or 3 hours. I was rewarded with a moist, sweet & flavorful fish!

They are now sealed in vacuum sealed bags & back in the freezer for simple & easy dinners or appetizers during the winter. Great with cream cheese & cucumber or flaked on a salad or just as is! Yumm!!

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