Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Today's Harvest

~ fava/broad beans ~
 The summer weather seems to be lasting a bit longer into September than usual. This is great! Garden Therapy at this time of year is so refreshing & relaxing...

It's a great time to take stock of what worked & what didn't.

I planted quite a few fava beans this year - broad beans - in the hopes I could harvest quite a bit & freeze them for the winter. Well, the ducks like fava beans - they managed to rip most of them down & out of the beds (even with barriers installed) & the later crop that came in yielded a much smaller amount. These are what broad beans look like - very much different than pole beans, runner beans or your typical bush bean. The broad bean has a thick fluffy shell that you don't eat - just let the pods remain on the plant til you can feel their size through the thick pod & pick. I roasted mine up with fresh dug potatoes & garlic...
~ fingerling potatoes ~
Well, the ducks didn't actually dig up & eat all my potatoes this year. I decided to dig the bed out in preparation for the garlic I'll plant in there in a few weeks & I harvest a bucket & a half of potatoes! The ducks jumped right up in behind my excavation looking for insects, but I think all the found was a mouth full or 2 of soil... things are really dry out there in the gardens!

So, there are a couple Yukon Golds, but the rest are all fingerlings. I like to roast them whole with a bit of lemon juice, a small amount of coconut oil & some herbal salt. Will be nice to have a special treat of potatoes this winter.

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