Friday, September 19, 2014

Today's Harvest

~ raspberries ready for harvest ~
The weather turned for the better today, which was great for the raspberries. They enjoy the cool nights & warm sunny days but do not tolerate too much rain when the leaves are still thick on the canes.

The ducks were begging at my feet, as usual & thankfully these berries are growing up at the very tops of the canes - some about 8 to 10 feet tall!!

The ducks received only a few that were bug eaten or over-ripe...
~ today's harvest! ~

I managed to grab some of the over-large pole beans & will shuck out the seeds tonight. I had a wonderful couscous salad the other day with bean seeds, black beans & sesame - it was a 'Japanese Edamame' salad & something I can easily recreate. It also doesn't upset the tender digestive system I've developed of late.

I just crave the fresh fruits & veggies out of the garden... Even if I have to pick quickly in order to not be eaten alive by the bugs!!

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