Thursday, September 18, 2014

Slowly Saying Goodbye

 It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks with lots of life changes & challenges to overcome & new challenges on the horizon. The garden always provides relief & distraction.

The current blooms are covered in the last remaining bees & other insects & with today's small about of rain, they might last a while longer.

The grass was finally mowed after almost 2 months & it was honestly, done more so to cut down the dandelion seeds & flowers than to actually cut grass. But it does look better. It will be a while yet before the lawns turn back into vibrant green.

I have a few yellow zucchini left out in the garden & am seeking new & interesting ways to eat what's left - it was a good year for zukers. Wonder if I can grow them again next year....

The squash have a few more weeks of growing & ripening to go through. I'm excited to have winter squash again in my diet. These ones are very dense & have a wonderful creamy, nutty flavour when slow roasted. As long as the ducks don't find any more of them & peck away at their skin, they should last a few months in cold holding.

 The bright yellow of the Helenium & goldenrod is now over. Will take a day or so to cut it all back, but this year they required no staking - partly due to the lack of storms & also because I pinched back the stems. Will try that again next year!

I have more pole beans & runner beans than I know what to do with!!

I'll freeze a bunch for winter eating, but lately I've been feeding them to the ducks - who will stand by the beds & beg for treats of beans & bean leaves...

Good thing they can't reach the plants or else they would be gone in a day!

The fall raspberries are ripening again & the rain will bring on a larger harvest than I anticipated. Fresh raspberries first thing in the morning at this time of year are such an amazing treat!

Hopefully I'll have time next week to catch up on more changes around the gardens & with the ducks... Will be nice to slow down & say goodbye to summer properly...

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