Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting the Greenhouse Bed Ready for Winter Production

 Ok, I didn't get a shot of what the bed looked like before I ripped out everything - it would have been embarrassing to share that with you. I had 2 pepper plants in pots that never quite made it into the bed, I had 4 tomato plants that were 3/4's dead & had rotten tomatoes hanging off them (eek!), there were 5 foot high arugula plants with seeds popping out everywhere, a dill plant that had been loved til it wasn't & died & a multitude of poppies & grass... I kinda sucked at my greenhouse bed this year...

What's left are: rosemary plants in the front & marjoram in the back & a harshly pruned arugula to see if I can transplant it later this year or early in the spring. (I do enjoy arugula)

Well, what happens when you mess in the dirt...

Horatio is constantly watching me. He knows that where I go, there is usually food involved...

He felt right a home jumping up into the bed & rooting around. Normally I do not allow the ducks in the greenhouse because of this tendency for them to jump right up & sit on things & eat things, but he somehow knew that today was a good day to be naughty.

The others quickly figured out what fun it was to be in there without supervision & they joined in on the fun. Of course, I did boot them out when I saw them all making a bee line for the marjoram & they were just standing on it...

What's up with ducks & herbs anyways? Last year the quackers destroyed all my thyme plants by taking naps on them! (I've yet to grow the replacement plants - must try harder next year).

I soaked the soil well - twice - because this soil just gets dry so quickly. I must remember to water it more frequently - better yet - install a drip line system on a timer so that I don't have to remember!

I planted fava beans (broad beans) & a lettuce blend. The hoops & plastic are necessary right now to keep the ducks from getting in there & digging everything up. The plastic will be necessary over the course of the winter as double insulation - will actually help keep the emerging plants warmer & keeps the moisture in the soil for a bit longer.

At least it worked that way last year. I hope to have similar results this year.

I'm over-wintering my herbs in here too. I have some sage & 2 types of rosemary & a couple wee thyme plants all in pots. I may or may not have to drape a plastic sheet over them as well - depends on how cold it get in here in the winter.

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