Monday, September 22, 2014

Dawn of the Quackers

 As the season progresses, the sun rises slightly later each morning - making it an interesting adventure waking the ducks up without freaking them out... or so I like to tell myself when I head out there in the dark. They are usually waiting for me & can't wait to get out & stretch their wings & get going on their day.

Monday & Tuesday are now 16 weeks old. Just today I saw Tuesday's little tail feather curl up!

We are blessed with 4 male ducks... Oh boy - the Terrors of the Yard are going to get interesting pretty soon...
Percy is 22 weeks old. A full-fledged adult duck. He seems to still be the ring leader in their activities, mostly because he likes to direct the other ducks around the yard. I wonder if one of the twins will step up & become a bit more bossy.

Horatio is also now an adult - 20 weeks old - & he's huge! He likes to walk up the stairs to the upper deck & visit with me. Good thing he doesn't mind when I haul him back down to the gardens. Currently he investigates my deck pots & leaves a mess of dirt & leaves behind him (as well as large piles of poo...)

I'm glad I'm a morning person but we've been lucky so far with no storms or rain first thing in the day. Am loving the summer that seems to be lasting forever!

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