Saturday, August 30, 2014

Darling Duck upDate

~ Monday & Tuesday ~
 Well, the little darlings are still growing & learning their way around the yard.

The twins are 13 weeks old - I see that they are still molting a few remaining 'baby' feathers & we are still really waiting a few more weeks before fully confirming that Monday is a boy & Tuesday is a girl.

The ducks this year are very chatty - so going on who is a noisy 'quacky' duck just is not going to work.

These 2 still do pretty much everything together - all the time...
~ Horatio ~

Horatio is very large. I'll have to work on my photo taking skills with the ducks - he will need to either be held or find something to give you an idea of just how large he is.

Plus he has no voice any more.

He just pants at us & sticks all his feathers straight up on his head. We are noticing that he is loosing the feathers around his eyes - he might end up with a red warty face in a few weeks...

But he is still rather gentle & loves to be pet. Definitely the most approachable of all the ducks, although he now runs really fast if he doesn't want to be put in the enclosure with the others - no amount of bribing works. I end up chasing him into a corner & picking him up. I think he might like that & might do it on purpose...
~ Percy ~

Percy is going through some very strange adolescent behaviour - he is 'aggressively amorous' to my pants & shoes. Umm - my duck is trying to hump my feet... not exactly PC but it's bizarre behaviour & while I make sure to always wear thick pants & shoes when hanging with the ducks, he does get in the way of chores & is frequently being either booted out of the way or even thrown up in the air to fly (not so gracefully) down to a different part of the yard to leave me alone.

One perk behind this amorous behaviour - he lets me pick him up much more frequently - I tuck him under my arm, chide him & put him down in a different part of the yard. Hopefully this ends soon as while I find it hilarious to have a duck holding onto my pant leg while I'm walking across the yard, I'm not sure what he would do with other people who come to visit or stay... I do have quite a few 'pinch' marks on my hands & legs to prove that pants don't always protect you from their bills...

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