Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Week of Flowers

~ gladiola ~
 I'm cheating - my Internet was so slow over the last week & a bit that I've fallen behind in writing about the gardens & gardening activities. So I'm going to just post some simple photos of some of the flowers currently blooming in the yard. (well, these are from last week - I'll get out with my camera again in the next couple of days).

Most of my days have been mad dashes home to grab the berry bucket & go pick for an hour before coming home to spend time with the ducks & then head indoors for the evening. Night is falling much sooner than I want it to!!
~ star gazer lily ~
The intoxicating scent of the star gazer lilies is quite amazing. I prefer the scent in the evenings, as it rather clashes with the scent of the curry plants I have growing close by.

Curry in the mornings is something I'm quite enjoying! If you stumble across a curry plant in the greenhouse or nursery, I highly recommend getting a couple. I'll have to take a photo to show you - they are not an edible plant - but they certainly smell like curry!

~ Heleanthus ~
 My sneeze weeds (Heleanthus) are doing very well this year - I forgot to 'plant' the tomato cage supports around them this spring & so far, they are remaining upright & not falling over. I'm trying to remember if I pinched these plants earlier this year or not... (pinching the plants means you cut them back just before they start to set their flower buds - it encourages bushier growth, shorter & sturdier stems & a delay in blooming so you get blooms slightly later on). I know I did it with the daisies & the goldenrod...
~ tiger lilies ~
 One of my favourite fall blooming plants are the tiger lilies.

The bright orange shows up really well against all the greens of the gardens & I starting to see just how many seeds I've planted all over the property in all the patches of orange spots I'm seeing.

They require little to no attention. That's my kind of flower!

~ marigolds ~

 My one pot of marigolds is right outside my back door. I don't want the ducks to eat them (unspeakable horrors occurred the last time the ducks found marigolds...) so I've got them up on the railing. I should move them to the front of the deck, but we have entered 'the construction zone' again & there is saw dust everywhere for the time being. Better they remain off to the side.

Again, a great colour combo for the early start to Autumn. Bright yellows & warm oranges... I rather enjoy these more than the pinks & purples of late spring. Plus the flowers & plants seem to be much more robust than those lovely dainty spring blooms.

Let's wait to see what's blooming in a few weeks! Change is constant in the gardens...

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