Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wild Berries Starting to Ripen - Part 1

~ thimbleberries starting to ripen ~
Going back to the end of May when I was sharing with you what wild berries are out here that you can harvest, I mentioned thimbleberries. (thimbleberries in bloom)

Well, they are now just starting to ripen up. In the next few weeks, I'll be wandering around the back roads with containers to pick these delicate little goodies & I would love to be able to make a couple batches of jam & then a nice batch of wine!

Sweet & tart, they don't need to be mixed with any other flavour. I do spend a bit of extra time straining out half the seeds as they are loaded with little tiny, crunchy seeds that some people don't like too much.

When picking them, they have the wonderful annoying tendency to fall off the plant right before you pick it. So when wading deep into the ditches to pick them, do be careful not to thrash around too much! You'll loose half the berries that way & I've been known to scare people walking by as I'm buried in the ditch & they think I'm a bear!! Good fun...

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