Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wild Berries in Bloom - Part 4

~ blackberry bloom ~
 Let's return to what is blooming out there now that will be edible later in the summer season.

There are lots of different types of blackberries - these are your typical invasive, nasty thorned, super-fast growing, potentially incredible flavoured blackberry.

They are also very dependent upon the right weather conditions. Hence, Bamfield has very few opportunities to have incredible harvests of these fruit.
~ blackberry bloom ~

The season in which blackberries out here grow & ripen tends to be during our drought season & into the foggy cool season. July is notoriously dry - weeks & weeks without rain... August then enters with heavy fog & cooler temperatures. We are lucky if there is a spite of rain, but for the most part, the sun burns through the fog for a few hours each day at noon before closing back in. The blackberries need a bit more rain & a whole lot more sunshine & heat to produce plump, sweet fruit.

Each year we all cross our fingers for either an early or a late harvest & this year won't be different. I haven't had a good tasting crop (all wild growing out along the road side) for a few years & would love to make some lovely blackberry jam or super thick syrup.... mmm.... We'll keep our eye on the weather this summer...

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