Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Do you Do When Someone Hands you 10 Pounds of Plums

~ over ripe plums
 Earlier this week I was handed a box with 10 pounds of over ripe plums - they were on the verge of being dumped into the compost when someone thought to ask if I might be able to do something with them.

Well, of course!!

~ cooking plum mixture ~
I cut out the bad bits, threw it all into a pot with star anise, green cardamom & black cardamom & lots of fresh grated ginger & water & started to cook them down.

After about 45 minutes of slow boiling, everything in the pot was a runny, mushy mess but smelled heavenly - actually, it smells just like Christmas!

I poured it all through my jelly bag & let it sit over night. I now have many yogurt containers in the freezer waiting for me to turn this thick syrupy juice into Spiced Plum Jelly! A great flavour & sure to be a hit at the Christmas Craft Sale later in the year.

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