Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trying Something New - Part 2 - Harvest of the Jostaberry

~ black currant vs jostaberry ~
A couple weeks ago I showed you how my jostaberries were coming along. Well, I've finished my first harvest & wanted to show the difference in size of berry.

How could you not want to grow more jostaberries?! A much larger berry & the shrub seems to grow much better than the black currant shrub.

The only down side is that the flavour is not as intense as the black currant. So, I think I will take a bunch of cuttings from the jostaberries this year & grow at least a half dozen more shrubs (more likely a dozen!) & plant them out in different areas of the property to see where they prefer to grow & keep my black currant shrubs just so I can add a handful or 2 to whatever it is I decide to make with my harvest. The first few years it might only be for personal use, but I would love to share the flavour with others who come into town!

I'm just glad that I managed to harvest the berries before the ducks found them! Ducks can & will & do jump in the berry patch to get tasty treats...

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