Saturday, July 26, 2014

To Beat the Birds One Must Be Tricky

~ under ripe blueberries harvested ~
My blueberry bushes are still in 'deer recovery' mode this year, but they are quite loaded with berries. A wonderful sight to see, until you notice the ducks standing under the shrub looking up at the berries...

Crafty little darlings... So I wrapped bird netting around the shrubs in the hopes that this would deter the ducks. Not.A.Chance.

Well, at least I have one trick up my sleeve that I've used for years & will continue to do so. I harvest the berries before they are fully ripe on the plant!

I let them sit out on the counter for a day (or 2 or 3) til they are fully ripe & then I eat them or freeze them for the winter.. The trick to doing this is to make sure they are at least half way to being ripe - if you pick them & they are too green, they will not ripen up at all. Wasted fruit - might as well give to the ducks (who will probably turn their silly bills away because they know it's not ripe). I look at this as also a way to encourage the berries remaining on the shrub to increase in size & have a larger volume to harvest. Win-win... As long as the ducks don't follow you out when you go to pick them.

Another trick to that is to pick when they are napping or taking a bath... but they are curious creatures & will eventually find you. Learn to share, a lesson I re-learn each year...

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