Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Flowers - Daylilies

~ daylily ~
 Finally the rains have returned to freshen up the greens & give some much needed moisture to the soils.

Overnight the daylilies have started to bloom & they look so lovely with rain drops! While they may be edible, the ducks think they are too foreign & remove them from their water bins & toss them aside. They look at me rather crossly when I try to convince them they should try a petal or 2... they'd rather have peas or raspberries or blackberries or anything else!
~ daylily ~

I never remember to keep plant tags & have a bad habit of not writing down the names of the varieties that I pick up & plant. Quite frequently, though, my plants are cuttings or divisions from other people's gardens, so I never really knew the names to begin with.
~ daylily ~

The one on the right I would like to believe is called 'Wild Horses' but I could be wrong. There are daylilies that look very similar to this by that name.

Daylilies do quite well out here - they don't require too much attention - other than the occasional watering & maybe some help with dead-heading to keep them tidy looking. Dividing them every 5 or 6 years keeps them under control & healthy too.
~ daylily ~
Too bad the flowers didn't last as long as other summer blooming plants - I would love to have these as a property border plant!

I'll just keep tucking them along edges here & there where there is a bit of moisture in the summer & we'll see where they like it best. I like that they are so easy to clean up in the fall - a lawn mower does the trick very nicely!

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