Saturday, July 5, 2014

Still Life with Ducks

~ always seeking shade ~
Ducks can be difficult to capture in photos. I've been finding that especially true of the twins lately...

Now that we have entered our warm season, the ducks are seeking out shelter during the warmest parts of the day & have taken a special liking to my citronella plant just this week. I've found all of them (except Horatio who can't manoeuver on the deck very well) crowded under the leaves, so have moved it into their enclosure for the rest of the summer to give them their own shady spot.

Guess what - I think they like being up on the deck close to us because this morning they were huddled around the boot scraper waiting for us to come back outside!
~ ducks + water = mud ~
I've found more rain barrels to install behind the greenhouse this year, so in preparation, I've had to drain the rest of the water out of the one barrel so we can move it & attach the rest.

Of course, the ducks come running when they hear water in a bucket & towards the end I just let the water drain out so they could have a bit of fun with mud. Not sure what they are finding to eat in the mud, but ducks just love it!!

I've found that if I can't locate the ducks around the yard, all I have to do is turn the hose on & fill up a bucket with water & they pop out of whatever hiding spot they've discovered for the day to see what I'm doing.

The twins are now 5 1/2 weeks old & while not 'petting' ducks, I can manage to grab one every now & again for a session of holding & inspecting. They are very comfortable with us, so I know should we see any issues with them, we won't stress them out too much if we have to grab them to check them out. Their feathers are just starting to pop out & they are growing so fast! I hope they will be a good size - bigger is better for their safety out in the yard. So far, no predator encounters - such as swooping eagles or uninvited dogs. But we are always on the look-out...

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