Friday, July 11, 2014

Never Weed too Much

~ evening primrose ~
If there is one thing I've learned over the years out here, it's never be too eager to weed out everything in the flower or vegetable beds.

That's a hard one to stick with. I like to be able to identify what the 'weeds' are before I pull them out & sometimes I find I have surprise returning plants - ones that I've never planted to begin with & hope that they return.

This week the Evening Primrose has returned. Granted it's growing right along the front edge of my dry bed & it's a tall plant, but you really notice it when walking up to the house & get to appreciate it. Yes, it is weedy in appearance - but I enjoy the tall burst of yellow just when the pink foxgloves are finishing & the purple toad flax is almost done. The bees will enjoy these too.

I hope to save seeds this year & spread them around to the back side of the property where there is very rocky soil. Maybe a few will start to grow & self-seed out there! I do not use this plant for any herbal remedies - I just admire it for being a pretty flower just when I needed something new.

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