Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My 'Blessed' Ducks - Part 1

~ exploring their new herb bed ~
 I thought it would be a grand idea to give the ducks some extra special 'things' in their enclosure. This time is was the concept of a herb bed. The ducks I had last year couldn't have been bothered with excessive greens in their diet & I thought this was a nice way of breaking up their space, providing some break from the wind & sunshine & to give them some 'pretty things' while stuck in the pen all day long.

Little did I realize I've created green-machines... these ducks LOVE their greens. They get quite aggressive with my feet in the mornings if I decide to clean their house prior to feeding them chopped up greens - the same greens they munch on all day long if they are running around the yard [dandelions, borage, comfrey, sorrel...] but in the mornings, they demand that it be chopped up & in the water basin & that I sit there for 15 minutes & hang out with them.
~ duck proof herb box ~

The destruction they caused in just one day when left with their new herb bed was truly amazing. Broke my heart a wee bit, but I was laughing too much at their curiosity & their love of greens to really be all that upset. Now the herb bed should be indestructible with the 'duck barrier' I installed - at 7:00 in the morning & replanted with some very sad calendula.

If the herbs recover, maybe I'll snip a few pieces off for them to enjoy later on in the year...

Lesson learned... You feed ducks greens from hatch out day & they'll consider any reachable green part of their diet - not yours...

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