Friday, July 18, 2014

Marionberry - Part 2

~ Marionberry patch ~
Back a couple weeks ago, I introduced you to my new Marionberry patch & now I'm doing a bit of work on it.

The very tall & flowering mustard has reached its expiry date. Well, for me it has. I can't eat it - it has become so hot that one little leaf will more than likely have fire shooting out of your nose!! And they are now starting to shade out the pole beans I thought I would plant in here in order to utilize the new soil & the vertical growing space.

Plus, I needed to install some duck barriers...

So, today I cut back & mulched the mustard (which will no doubt reseed itself & continue to give me edible & decorative displays), found the beans & tied up some of the marionberry canes to the fence in order to start growing them for next year's harvest.

~ Marionberry patch manicured ~

With the lawn mowed & the duck barrier installed & the squash plant tended to, things are looking pretty good over here!

Now to just keep the ducks out of the beds...

I just might be eating beans this year instead of darling ducks!

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