Wednesday, July 2, 2014


~ Asiatic lily ~
 When you are surrounded by the colour green pretty much 365 days of the year, you learn to appreciate splashes of colour that change throughout the seasons.

Lilies are a great flower to use in this manner.

My Asiatic lily is now blooming. It's pink & it's boring & has no scent. But, it gives me a wonderful highlight in the garden & it's a strong & healthy plant. Interestingly, the deer felt the same way I do about this flower - they never ate it...
~ dwarf lily ~

I still have a few red & orange dwarf lilies in bloom - will need to divide these up & move the around since they are so much more interesting than the above lily.

This year the earwigs seem to have left them alone, so I've gotten more blooms than before. Quite nice to see!

~ day lily ~
The day lilies are just starting to come along now too. I love day lilies! They thrive in pretty much any soil & love to be ignored. Of course, all things do better with a bit of fertilizer & water, but I know I can get away with leaving them be if I don't have enough time. The nice thing about day lilies is that you can eat them! The ducks can eat them too, so I might throw them a few flowers on those days when they cannot forage all day long in the yard. See what they think of something new!

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