Sunday, July 27, 2014

In The Gardens Today...

~ second garlic harvest ~
Looks like we are finally getting some summer heat - today is a great day for working out in the gardens; tidying up, weeding, harvesting & even replanting!

I decided to pull up the remaining garlic today & found a really nice large one! That one is definitely going to be used this fall for starting next year's crop! Hey - I can actually grow good sized garlic & maybe if I dedicate enough space in the fall, I'll be able to sell some at the local store!

Nothing like fresh, locally grown garlic....

The borage has self seeded in some interesting places - I don't really mind because I like to eat the flowers & the ducks like to eat the leaves (the leaves can be used in salads & they taste like cucumbers - just use the small ones as they are slightly less fuzzy).

The bees really like the flowers too, so while the borage is attracting the bees to their flowers, the bees are also discovering the flowers of the squash & runner beans growing right along side. Bonus!

The peas have made a small come back after being munched on by the ducks. Good to see & good to nibble on while wandering the gardens.

Just might sow some more today to see if we can get them growing into the early fall!

The runner beans - Scarlett Runners - are in full bloom & so far have remained out of duck range. Am looking forward to eating fresh beans again. Hopefully I'll have enough to try making pickled beans again later on!

Time to head back out with some seeds & row covers to fill in those empty spots from where I harvested the garlic. I know I don't have quite enough lettuce growing just yet... :)

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