Friday, July 4, 2014


~ blue hydrangea ~
 When I was planning & planting the yard in the early years of moving here, I tried to go with 'deer resistant' plants. Ok folks - there is NO SUCH THING! That's Mother Nature's cruel little joke. The neighbour's had a lot of the same plants as I, but never seemed to have issues with the deer eating them.

Mine must have tasted better...

So this year, I'm quite pleased to see that the fence has worked like a charm & the yard is starting to fill in with shrubs that are rewarding me with blooms.

~ green - cream - purple hydrangea ~
 The electric blue hydrangea is stunning, but I'm currently loving the 2 little cuttings that have survived & are blooming for the first time this year.

They emerge as green petals that change into cream with purple & pink highlights & eventually they'll turn a mottled pink & purple colour. The leaves of the shrubs are dark-dark green, almost a black colour, that eventually fade down to green.

Overall, they are quite stunning & will, over the next few years, finally reach a proper height that will allow others from the road to appreciate them too. They are like my little secret in plain sight.
~ cream-purple hydrangea ~

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