Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hot Box on the Deck

~ recycled hot box ~
 This year I was lucky to inherit some old windows from a house down on the boardwalk. I immediately envisioned some boxes up on the deck where I could grow things year-round.

Well, we had just enough material lying around the house to build the first box. It might not be very pretty, but we shall see how it works.
~ pepper plants ~

I've wanted some boxes for the pepper plants - they like things a bit hotter & more humid than tomatoes, so this is a great opportunity to see if I can get more of a harvest & earlier ripening. The last few years I've grown Italian red peppers, I had very few fruit & they took forever to ripen - we are talking October!!

I've got 2 plants in the hot box & 2 in the greenhouse. We'll do a 'compare & contrast' at some point to see if one way is better than the other.

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