Saturday, July 19, 2014

Garlic Ready for Storage

~ first garlic harvest ready for storage ~
Earlier this week I harvested my garlic - well, only half of it as I needed to make room for some cuttings & lettuce.

I left it out on the deck for a couple days to cure & dry the skins & have now brushed off the dirt, snipped the roots short & cleaned up the stalks.

I like to arrange the bulbs in order of smallest to largest - that way, I remember to stop eating the garlic just in time for fall planting!! You want to make sure to use the largest & healthiest bulbs in October for next year's crop.

This will hang downstairs where it is cool & dark & dry & every once in a while, I'll head down & snip off a head from the bottom & bring up to use in the kitchen.

Can't wait to see how my 2nd harvest looks in another week or so! Am hoping for larger heads...

I should roast some up to test out the flavour now too! Nothing quite like home grown & fresh picked garlic...

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