Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Duck who Thinks It's a Dog

~ duck on the deck ~
 Well, Penelopea is almost 12 weeks old & that is generally the time when it becomes very obvious if your duck is male or female... the male will pop out a tail feather that curls back towards the back... plus a few other key identification clues (no quacking, protective behaviour, 'aggressive' behaviour...)

We've been watching this duck over the last few weeks & may have just come to the conclusion that Penelopea is actually Percy... I'm holding out til the tail feather either shows or doesn't show...

But sometimes this duck thinks it is a dog. Early in the mornings - if you don't spend enough time just hanging with them, the duck will climb the stairs & squawk at us through the back door. Hilarious - but how do you get a duck down the stairs without freaking it out?

We found out that the duck will take a flying leap - literally. As long as there are no impediments on the stairs, it isn't as awkward as imagined. We are rather concerned that the duck will fall through the stairs & tumble down to the ground underneath, so we don't encourage such silly behaviour. So far, the other ducks will wait at the bottom of the stairs til we come back outside with another cup of coffee & possibly a handful of treats to bribe them off the deck... they do like to poop all over it!!

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