Thursday, July 24, 2014

Darling Duck Family - Update

~ Percy - 14 weeks old ~
 Life with Ducks - what an adventure! They sure do bring a smile to your face when you take the time to sit with them & just watch them.

Percy is starting to pop out some tail feathers that have shown us that who we thought (hoped) was going to be Penelopea, is actually & truly Percy. Our boy...

There is lots of green in the head & tail feathers & this duck is quite the talker. Will get right up in your face & have a conversation with you. Mostly I think he's begging for
~ Horatio - 12 weeks old ~

Horatio is also changing. He's flapping his wings a whole lot & seems to be overcoming his spraddled legs. His walking & running is improving.

But he's BIG - much bigger than Percy. Especially the wing span. Watch out when he gets flapping - he doesn't care who is in his way!

He's also lost his twitter & peeping noises. He is basically a mute now - it sounds more like a wheezy pant. But a most affectionate duck - think he's a dog & loves to be pet & scratched.

~ Monday - 8 weeks old ~

Monday & Tuesday are only 8 weeks - so we don't really know if they are male or female. But they are certainly catching up in size to Percy & are developing their own myschievious personalities.

The colouring of Monday is simply beautiful. I love the greens in the bill & feet & the browns mixed in with the bluish gray of the feathers.

The 'Twins' as we still call them - are not easily separated - they will look for each other & go off on their own adventures, usually followed or monitored closely by Percy, who immediately adopted them when we moved them all in together.
Tuesday - 8 weeks old ~

 Tuesday is very pretty with a ring around the eyes. I think this one might be our only female, but it's too soon to tell.

Tuesday is very skittish, but will come just as quickly as the other ducks if there are treats - especially peas to be had.

The ducks have continually outsmarted me in many of my distraction tactics in the gardens. They now know where the blueberries are & despite the bird netting - they have also figured out how to get the blueberries through the net!

At least they still enjoy their greens - dandelions we have plenty of & I think it might take a few more years of feeding them to the ducks before we remove the dandelions from the yard. Wonder what next month with bring with our Darling Ducks...

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