Thursday, July 3, 2014

Black Currants - My One Harvest Day

~ black currants ~
Well, after my disastrous red currant crop this year, I decided to get on top of the black currants. I have 3 shrubs - they grew very well & have produced very few fruit.

I find it a bit frustrating I can grow 'red fruit' with few issues (other than the birds) but when it comes to 'dark-coloured fruit' I'm having a tough go at it...

These black currants are one of my favourite flavours. I went out & picked about 80% of what was left on the shrubs & now have a whole cup of fruit to pop in the freezer... I'm sure I have a cup of frozen berries from last year's harvest too... eventually I'll have enough to make a batch of jam... HA!

There seems to be a huge difference in growing red & black currants - the shrubs grow differently & require different pruning techniques. I'm still trying to figure it out & am doing lots of reading - especially during the winter months, to see if I can actually grow black currants out here. This just might be one of those fruits that I will grow only enough for me to have as a special treat in the middle of winter... I have so many things I would love to make with black currants that I'm determined to keep trying... But at least I got to pick some this year!!

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