Monday, July 7, 2014

And Now for Something New - Introducing the Marionberry

~ new berry fence installed ~
 Referring back to my quick note about what our local blackberry harvest is like out here, I started to do some research into other cultivars of blackberry & came across the Marionberry.

Marionberry on Wikipedia - this gives you a great chart at the bottom to show some of the other berries & how they are crossed with each other.

So, I found a supplier on one of the Gulf Islands & bought 5 small potted cuttings (only 4 survived the planting) & have redone one of my beds specifically for the new blackberry canes. We just recently installed the posts & fence & I'm hoping towards the end of the summer season I'll be able to start tying up some canes for next year's harvest.

~ Marionberries in there somewhere ~

These blackberries are supposed to ripen earlier in the season - mid-June through mid-July, which is prime growing season here for early berries. I've never tasted, let alone seen Marionberries, so this is going to be an experiment that takes a few years to complete. I find it exciting!

Right now I've got lots in the bed along with the berry plants - you actually can barely see the berry plants due to the monster mustards growing - which I think were seeds found in the compost I added when I planted the berries. They look fabulous - more ornamental than edible & believe me, you don't want to eat these mustards right now - I just about blew my head off when I jammed a huge leaf in my mouth - they are HOT mustard leaves!! There are runner beans in there that will grow up the fence this year & I'm pretty sure I've got Sweet Willams along the outside edge of the bed  to attract pollinating insects next spring. I hope I've got flowers & berries that bloom at the same time!

So, I shall keep you updated with this new blackberry & how well it will do out here on the wet coast.

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