Friday, July 4, 2014

Always Trying Something New - Introducing the Jostaberry

~ jostaberry ~
Ok - I love experimenting in the gardens. You never know what will or will not be successful until you try it - at least twice!

I've mentioned I took some cuttings from a neighbour's berry shrub - what I thought was a gooseberry & for years they barely survived until I moved them down to the front yard where it was more moist & better soil.

The shrubs took off & last year I was finally able to see what the berries would look like. Definitely NOT gooseberries!!

This year I've identified them as Jostaberry - a cross between a gooseberry & a black currant (here may be the solution to my black currant dilemma...) As you can see, they are quite large & have come along quite nicely. So far, I've not noticed any robins or other birds in the shrubs - maybe birds prefer the red fruit to the darker coloured fruit??

I'm pretty sure I'm still a couple weeks away from proper harvest, but in the mornings while wandering the yard with the ducks, I will usually inspect the shrubs & sample one or two in order to find out when I should start harvesting them. They should be much darker in colour when ripe. The flavour has the tartness of the black currant & something else too... It might be that I should locate some gooseberries to grow to see what the actual difference is!
This is one harvest I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with!!

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