Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Different Kind of Fuchsia

~ Cape Fuchsia: Moonraker ~
A few years ago I received a cutting from a new type of fuchsia: the Cape Fuchsia (check out the basics: Phygelius capensis) 
My original plant (African Queen -seen below) out grew the bed that I originally planted it in. I now have some cuttings elsewhere, but they don't seem to be taking very well & I hope I don't loose them entirely.
~ Cape Fuchsia: African Queen ~

My mom gave me a second plant a few years ago - not knowing I already had one & this one is called Moonraker with lovely lime & green flowers.

I may be pruning these plants incorrectly or they find it too wet in the winters, but this one is also suffering slightly. Again - something else for me to study up over the winter to see if I can figure out how to encourage a more healthy & robust plant. The hummingbirds adore these plants so I'd like to get a few more of them around the yard, especially the brightly coloured African Queen variety.

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