Monday, June 16, 2014

Who Knew I'd Enjoy Growing Flowers so Much?

~ peony ~
 This afternoon I took the ducks on a wander around the yard - so I could spend some time inspecting all my different garden beds & so the ducks could inspect the plants for insects.

This arrangement is working out very well!

I have a few peonies that are rewarding me with blooms. I (as usual) neglected to write down varieties & colours, so each year, it is a surprise to see what pops up where... This particular peony plant has both pink & white blooms... I think they will all become white eventually... Wonder if that is a condition of the soil?
~ dwarf red lily ~
The dwarf red lilies are actually not being eaten too badly by the earwigs this year. Usually they disappear within a couple of days of blooming, so I'm quite pleased to enjoy them for a while longer. (I am still going to move them though - they are buried quite nicely...)
~ dwarf orange lily ~

I am now also enjoying lots of dwarf orange lilies. Again, no scent & not too much in the way of detail (spots or colouring) but they are a very bright hit of colour in amongst all the greenery in the yard. I have many of them growing with purple flowering plants, so the complimentary colours are very well suited. Thankfully, the ducks have yet to figure out they can eat these flowers or else I would have none left in very short order! I think I'll wait til the day lilies start blooming before feeding the quackers any lily flowers...
~ bell flowers return ~

Part of the magic & mystery of some of my bed is that I never know what will pop up. Most of my seeds tend to loose their labels very quickly, so when it comes time to plant things, I take a chance in dedicating space to something I may not like or may not be able to eat (eating things straight from the garden is very important!) or it may never come back again - which happens a lot...

I'm going to make more of an effort to save some of these seeds so I can grow them in other areas & hopefully share them amongst friends too!
~ wild foxglove ~

The foxgloves are doing amazing this year. We've not had a good storm to blow them over & the dry weather seems to something they are suited to.

Pinks, whites & purples are what fill my beds right now. I'm hoping to also save seeds from these to spread everywhere & in a few years have a forest of foxgloves!
~ monk's hood ~

Last fall I redesigned a flower bed that had these lovely blooms in it - they were very overgrown & situated in the bed too close to the sides, so the lower growing plants were very difficult to see in the middle. After dividing up the root stock - I had many, many plants - more than I knew what to do with! So, in a couple of years once they've taken to their new homes, I'm going to have monk's hood growing everywhere!! This plant is a cheater if you find you can't grow delphinium to any degree. Just beware that if you decide to eat this plant - and you'd have to ingest a lot of it - it is toxic & could make you sick. Part of the reason I moved these plants was to get them out of the reach of some of the young people visiting my gardens - I had monk's hood growing beside plants that were edible... save some needless worry!

~ mystery shrub in bloom ~
  Final picture of the day is this mystery shrub. I know it's not a good picture of the plant itself, but I'm fascinated by the fact that it is flowering! I had no idea I planted a shrub that would do this... Maybe the deer kept eating all the flower buds & this is the first time it has been able to flower!! I think I have an idea of what this plant is...Cottoneaster might be what it is called... will search this one out some more.

Let's see what another week in the gardens will bring - maybe I'll post photos of things you can eat!!

The month of June has been chilly & very dry so far. Things are slow to grow & it is hard to keep up with the watering... 

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