Monday, June 30, 2014

Wall of Loganberries

~ loganberries - almost ripe ~
 I just had my first loganberry of the season now! I've been using the frozen extras left from last season's harvest in my smoothies, but having one fresh from my 'wall of loganberries' is such a better tasting experience!

These photos show the end of my structure - which is the end of the canes. I believe that's why they are ripening a bit earlier than anticipated - which is fine by me!

The return of the warmer weather has also aided in their ripening & I'm going to have to stash some containers out in the yard for those mornings or late afternoons when I'm out there to collect them for jam or jelly making - or wine - which is such a wonderful summer drink!!

Thankfully, most the fruit is above duck height or I'm sure they would be munching on them too... The robins & jays usually leave these ones alone as they might be too large for these birds - but I don't like to take my chances & I'll be much more diligent in my harvesting techniques.

Wonder what else is ripening up out there??

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