Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tying up the Veggies~

~ peas & beans ~
Last year I fell in love with Scarlett runner beans, but found they did not like growing up the PVC pipes. This year I've installed the frames but am using garden twine to encourage them to grow vertical. Lots of garden twine...

Things in the gardens seem to be very slow - the cool weather is a huge factor & it has also been rather dry for this time of year.

Since I'm out in the early morning hours with the ducks, I have now started to water the garden beds, which seems to be working.

In the photo you can see 2 of the ducks. Penelopea (black & white one) & the currently nameless duck just behind. We are struggling finding an appropriate name for that one as the personality is quite unlike what we would think of as a 'duck'. He's more like a dog... But the ducks are great at finding bugs & seem to quite enjoy being out with me in the gardens... speaking of which.... I need to get back out there as the sun is starting to break through the clouds.

Looks like another great day for playing in the dirt!

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