Monday, June 9, 2014

Time for Comfrey Tea

~ comfrey plants ~
 June is a great time to feed plants in the garden - especially the berry bushes & flowers that are in full bloom. Gives them an extra energy boost to produce bigger fruit or to set energy aside for next year's flowers.

I like to use comfrey tea - especially since I'm now growing a lot more than anticipated due to this spring's division & replanting. These plants along the back edge of the property have been feeding the ducks for a few months now & are ready for a proper cutback for the tea. They will regrow later in the season & provide fall/winter mulch for plants.

I cut the stalks right down to the ground & then chop them up roughly & put it all into a 5 gallon pail. Fill the pail with water, put something over top to prevent mosquitoes from invading & in a week or 2, you'll have an intensely stinky, rotting mess that you can dilute to use as compost tea.

Some people have aquarium bubblers that they will pop into their dilution to keep the components active, but I'm not too high tech in the gardens just yet. I try to make sure to use up my tea within a couple of days 1) because that's when it is at it's best for the plants you are feeding and 2) it really stinks & you don't want to keep it around too long in the pail.

I'll either throw the mushy leaves straight onto one of my berry patches or into the composter. In previous years I would dump it in a corner of the property where I knew the deer were entering as the stench had the potential to keep the deer away. I'm so glad I no longer need to worry about that!

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