Saturday, June 21, 2014

Taming the Wild Patch

~ loganberries growing wild ~
 The loganberry patch is doing extremely well again this year. The fruit is set & starting to develop & the recent rain this week will help with overall plant health & growth.

One thing to try & keep under control is all the new growth - these canes will produce fruit next year, but what do you do with them this year?

You don't want them in the way of harvesting fruit later in the summer, but you also don't want them growing all over the yard. As you can see, they have started to invade the rest of the berry patch & it's easier to deal with them when they are green & bendable & the thorns not so hard & painful - which they still are, but a good set of gloves will help over come that.

This year I decided to just tuck them up alongside the base of the fence along where they are growing. I tied them in bundles with my garden twine & they should be out of the way of the lawn mower & weed wacker. The ducks certainly liked that I exposed new ground for them to root through & I know they enjoy afternoon naps in this shady spot of the garden.

In the fall, I'll prune out the canes that produced fruit this year & then tie up these canes along the fence for next year. Seems simple enough - but wait til you see how big they get in August!!

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