Monday, June 30, 2014

Pause, Appreciate & Eat!

~ breakfast of champions ~
Quite often during the course of the summer season, especially when I start my day outdoors at 6:30 a.m., I forget to stop & take care of the 'gardener' who takes care of everything out in the yard.

Today, I'm remembering to also nourish myself - a small break in the morning sun, before it gets too hot & still, sit on the deck with a plate of eggs, cheese & apple & water.

The hummingbirds don't even notice I'm sitting with them & the ducks are content (for the moment) with a mud puddle after cleaning out their tank.

We seem to say all spring; 'Summer, hurry up & get here!' & then we get so busy in the summer that we miss a lot of the small things. Come Autumn, we look back & say; 'Wow, summer went by fast!'...

Take a break - sit with the flowers - mow the lawn later in the day - enjoy your garden!

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