Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Gardens are Chaos & ever Changing

~ new lavender bed ~
 June is such a great month for gardening - there is still enough time to get seeds or seedlings into the ground & harvest later in the year. There are many, many flowering plants out right now that you just have to spend as much time out there enjoying it as possible.

I have a very large raised bed in the front yard that seems to want to grow only potatoes & kale or flowers. Everything else I plant in this bed dies... So I've decided to let the flowers grow & I've put in my lavender plants that have been sitting in the greenhouse since last summer. I hope they like this bed & recover from being pot bound & a little too dry for many months.

~ parsnip ~
I enjoy surprises in the garden - well, at least I'm curious enough about what has decided to sprout to let it grow until I can either identify it or it proves itself a weed or something I love.

One such mystery was solved - I grew a parsnip! I don't recall planting seeds in this bed but have been watching this particular set of leaves wondering just what it is - this is not the only place it is growing!

Have you ever smelled a freshly dug up parsnip before? What an amazing smell!! I fell in love with parsnips only a short time ago & really hope I can figure out how to grow this vegetable. I'm going to let the other randomly growing ones be for a while - I'd like to see if they will grow larger!

~ purple toad flax ~
  Last year I picked up some seeds from a Seedy Saturday event & the person who sold them to me said they were mislabeled & he couldn't remember what they were! So I planted all the seeds & began the fun procedure of growing something I knew nothing about.

I had to post a picture of the leaves & flowers on-line in order to actually get the name: purple toad flax! Lovely plant & this year is one of my new favourites.

~ purple toad flax ~
It was growing in my veggie bed, so I dug most of it up & started to spread it around the property. I hope it takes abuse, neglect & drought well - that's the type of plants I'm currently looking for to fill in certain areas that I can't tend to on a weekly basis. So far, so good!

I like that they are tall & narrow - what a great shape to contrast with some of my other plantings.

 Having that deer fence is starting to pay off greatly this year. I have roses!!

I wish I could remember where these came from - a cutting from a generous neighbour, no doubt. The scent from them is incredible!

I'll have to start wandering around the community to see which of my neighbours has this rose & find out what kind of rose it is. I would love to make a rose jelly from the petals...

 The lilies are starting to bloom again. I have these silly dwarf lilies that are completely planted in the wrong place & every year when they bloom, I'll catch it for only a day or 2 & then they are either eaten by the earwigs or buried underneath another plant. They are a brilliant colour but have absolutely no scent, which is probably why I haven't remembered to move them... have just added this to my 'to do' list & hopefully will get it done this weekend instead of forgetting about it... That gives me a few days to figure out where to plant them so we can appreciate them better!

The weather has been cool & dry - not a typical June at all! I've almost used up all the water in my rain barrels already & there's still not much rain on the horizon... Watch - we'll get hit with a good storm on my days off!! Wouldn't that be nice...

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