Thursday, June 19, 2014

Garlic Scape Harvest

~ garlic scapes ~
 The early morning hours with the ducks has allowed me more time to inspect the gardens to see what is actually growing at this time of year.

Despite the cool temperatures & lack of rain, the garlic has been doing very well. So well in fact, that I just noticed the scapes this morning & decided to harvest them!

My first harvest of the top curly bits means that the leaves will now concentrate all growth into the bulbs instead of the flower & seed. This is necessary if you want to grow your own garlic from bulbs that you grow in your own gardens. Garlic has this amazing ability to adapt to different soils & climates - so the best garlic to grow comes from bulbs generously given to you from your neighbours!

I know I have one variety that comes from Salt Spring Island and I'm not too sure about the other variety. We'll see how well they do come harvest time later on in July or August.

For now, I'll roast them up & have some with a new gluten free pizza recipe (uses cauliflower for the dough!) & how about with eggs & bacon & maybe I'll even turn some into pesto for eating later in the winter!

I love harvests from the garden before 7 in the morning...

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