Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Raspberry Harvest of the Season!

 This morning, while on my wanderings with my coffee & the ducks at my feet, I found that the raspberries have started to ripen!

What a wonderful sweet & tart treat to have first thing in the morning. 

The fruit likes to tuck itself in under the leaves - which is great for protecting the crop from the robins & the stellar jays who are usually my indicators that the fruit is ripening. Maybe the robins are still full from eating all my red currants over the last 2 weeks...

So now I will make sure to conduct daily checks & gently part the canes to see deep down into the centre of the patch to find all those lovely red berries that I'm envisioning in some luscious jam - raspberry-lavender jam... absolutely brilliant together!!

If you look around & see things that are blooming, growing & ripening at the same time, there might be a possibility that they'll taste good together!! I saw some more lavender out there that needs to be harvested again!

Now we are entering the fun part of gardening! Harvesting the rewards of our efforts - no matter how great or small they started out as. Rain & sunshine most certainly help in this...

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