Monday, June 23, 2014

Finally showing Recovery from the Deer

~ blue hydrangea ~
 Almost all my plants are still in 'deer recovery mode' but the hydrangeas are showing immense relief & gratitude this year by putting out an amazing amount of flowers.

They are just starting to open & show off in the gardens... Can't wait to see what they look like in full bloom!

The blue ones are electric & I'll probably take cuttings to spread around the yard & give to neighbours. Hopefully the colour remains true to the one I took cuttings from. It's all a game of soil pH & I'd prefer the blue to the pink...
~ cream & purple hydrangea ~

The other hydrangeas are quite stunning too - smaller but a wonderful contrast in colours. The leaves have dark highlights & dark stems. The flowers start off a cream colour & then progress through different shades of red & purple.

I received several cuttings from a dear friend before she moved & it has been many years of waiting for the plants to take to where I planted them & the the heart break of watching them be browsed upon by the deer.

This year, they are finally showing off & I'm looking forward to the changes in the flower colour over the next few weeks/months.

Can't wait to show you!!

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